Certified Professional Facilitator and Leadership Coach

“C4 and Leadership: An Explosive Combination”

This presentation talks about competence, courage, commitment, and compassion. Examples, anecdotes, and entertaining stories are used to illustrate the essence of leadership and team building in high performance organizations. And, yes, the audience does take a spelling quiz during this presentation.

“John Lesko lights up the room with his energy and empathy for the topic at the moment. He consistently received the highest marks as an instructor and speaker for all of his Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI) classes. I like his personable style and drive to continuously place himself in stretch assignments while encouraging and helping others to do the same. I see John adding a dynamic spark to numerous after dinner speaking engagements in his future!”

--Cynthia K. Miller, Distinguished Toastmaster
Executive & Life Coach, Owner of Purposeful Solutions