Certified Professional Facilitator and Leadership Coach

“What I’ve learned on the mat; attending the school of hard knocks.”

Life lessons about what it takes to master any art or skill whether it’s public speaking, working as a member of a high-tech organization, or practicing a martial art. Drawing on his experiences in Toastmasters and while practicing aikido, John offers a simple five-part plan to staying on the path to mastery.

“A Master at his art, as a guest on the Tips From Toastmasters television program, Mr. Lesko shared with his audience the moving and powerful message of becoming the Master in whatever you chose to do in life. For the television program it was mastering communications. His talent for superb delivery and illustrative story telling was the perfect mix of ingredients needed to pull-off a top-notch performance. I'd be proud to have him return as a guest on the show.”

-- Ayme Pointer, Co-Host, Tips From Toastmasters